.: Heat Pump Prices

What does a heat pump cost ?

Prices for these high efficiency water heating devices vary from make to make and there are several reasons for this. Quality is the most obvious reason for price differences and most heat pump water heaters can probably be built for a lot cheaper, BUT price determines quality and you would end up with cheap internals and possible failure of the unit all together. Quality units from reputable suppliers generally cost up to R2000 or even R3000 more, BUT you pay for efficiency and reliability !


Price vs COP !

COP's (Coefficient Of Performance) indicates with how little power a heat pump can extract the heat out of the air and transfer it to your geyser. a Good quality system will have a COP of around 4 so it wil take 1kw of ELECTRICITY to generate 4kw of HEAT. So even though some units might be cheaper and are rated at higher output (for instance a 5.3kw unit), it does not mean it will save you more money. What really matters is the COP. If a 5.3kw heat pump needs 1.5kw to run, it has a COP of 3.5 BUT if a 4.7kw heat pump needs only 1.17kw to operate, it has a COP of 4. This means that the 4.7kw will save you more, because it needs less power to run, the only difference is it will run a few minutes longer. So higher output means nothing if the COP is not at least 4 ! More technical info can be viewed by clicking here


Prices and Rebates

.: Sizes

4.7kw (COP = 4)

An ITS 4.7kw heat pump can handle around 500 litres of water and a normal electrical geyser element will need around 20kw to this, but the heat pump, depending on the ambient temperature, will only have used around 5kw. Saving you around 75% of your water heating cost !

PRICE = R12 900-00 (rebate already deducted)

3.0kw (COP = 4)

An ITS 3.0kw heat pump can generate 300 litres of water using only around 3.0kw of electricity versus the 12kw, a normal electrical element would have used ! Again, because of the COP rating of 4, it can save you around 75%.

PRICE = R12 000-00 (rebate already deducted)

Installation and VAT Included

Please note that these are average standard installation prices. Many clients have special requirements on placement or extra work. A site assessment is required for valid final quotation. You can click here to request a quote

When you install an Accredited Eskom Heat Pump they will refund you between R 4181.52 and R 4924.80, depending on the size of the system.

Bare in mind that the rebate won't be here forever and everytime the Eskom Electricity tarriffs increase, the rebate amount will decrease and eventually dissapear.

You can read more about the Eskom Rebate Programme by clicking here